ASPECT score is an estimate of the volume of ischemic brain, and is calculated based on findings from a head CT without intravenous contrast.

Calculating the ASPECT score

Supraganglionic - superior MCA divisions

  • M4 - anterior superior MCA
  • M5 - middle superior MCA
  • M6 - posterior superior MCA
Supraganglionic - inferior MCA divsisions
  • M1 - anterior MCA cortex
  • M2 - MCA cortex lateral to insular ribbon
  • M3 - posterior MCA cortex
at level of basal ganglia
  1. caudate
  2. insular ribbon
  3. internal capsule
  4. lentiform nucleus

ASPECT Training Cases

ASPECT Study: Barber PA, Demchuk AM, Zhang J, Buchan AM, for the ASPECTS Study Group. The validity and reliability of a novel quantitative CT score in predicting outcome in hyperacute stroke prior to thrombolytic therapy. Lancet 2000; 355:1670–1674.

Other critical findings to report: