Age < 40 or specifically looking for demyelinating disease etc

There is scattered nonspecific foci of abnormal increased T2 signal in the subcortical white matter. There is no abnormal signal seen within the sub cortical U fibers or the white matter of the temporal lobes. The corpus callosum appears normal. There is also relative sparing of the posterior fossa and brainstem. The findings are nonspecific and can be seen in the setting of gliosis, small vessel ischemic change, infection, and demyelination. There is also an increased incidence of nonspecific white matter changes in patients with migraine headaches.

Age > 60

There are scattered foci of increased T2 signal in the periventricular and subcortical white matter. While this is a nonspecific finding, it most likely represents the sequelae of chronic small vessel ischemic change.

As per Dr. Berlin

"A few white matter lesions in the left frontal lobe are most likely of no clinical importance."

Recommended by radiology legal expert Dr. Leonard Berlin in JACR 2016;13:4:363.